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Dirt Jump Bike Hire

*** January 2024 - The Dirt Jumps are currently closed, as can be the case in the winter months - please check back here for anticipated open dates (weather dependent) and for bike hire options ***

If you don't have a Dirt Jump bike, you can hire one from us and experience the Pumptrack and Dirt Jumps as intended here at the Cycling Centre.

You can check on the status of the Dirt Jumps via our homepage, our Dirt Jump bikes can be used on our Pump Track. If you're hiring a bike specifically to ride the Dirt Jumps, note that we can't guarantee track availability. In any event please talk to us about options. 

All of our bikes undergo regular maintenance are inspected prior to your hire session.

Select the hire duration from the list below to be shown availability and prices.

The Bikes: DMR Sect Pro

The DMR SECT PRO is the range topping complete dirt jump bike in the SECT line up. Equipped with an X-Fusion Air fork and bombproof components, the PRO is made for big, fast and relentless riding.

Like its brother the SECT complete, the PRO features a 4130 chromoly tubeset to keep weight low. On the rear, you'll find hydroformed chainstay yokes to get the rear end short, so it's easier to initiate manuals and rotations. The PRO gets the tapered headtube treatment, for a boost in front end stiffness, enabling us to equip the awesome X-Fusion Slant fork. The air spring found in the X-Fusion Slant fork allows you to control your spring rate precisely. You can go rock hard for bottom out resistance, or opt for a softer setup for control over rougher terrain. The air spring also drops the weight significantly over a coil, so the whole bike is easier to handle and manoeuvre.

Elsewhere, the PRO features a DMR cockpit and two-piece cranks. Over the standard SECT bike, we've upgraded the wheelset to include a thru axle front hub and lightweight disc specific rims that can still shrug off a heavy landing or ten. The DMR DJ Moto tyres have been upgraded to the lightweight folding bead version, along with a more supple 120tpi thread count. The rear hub has also been upgraded to a cassette driver, which will handle high loads better and last longer. The combined upgrades save a massive 1.5kg over the standard SECT model.

If you need a complete dirt jump bike for jams at the jumps and progression at the pump track, there's nothing more capable than the SECT PRO.

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