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Book our tracks

The Cycle Hub welcomes group bookings from schools, cycling groups and other organisations.


What you'll get:

-We will ensure track availability

-Tracks safety checked prior to booking

-Provide mechanic support via our fully equipped workshop. 

-Bike wash (if required)

-First Aider on hand

-Coaching can be provided at extra cost

- Bikes to hire if needed

If you'd like to book a session at one of our tracks for your organisation or group, please fill out the booking enquiry form opposite and our team will be in contact to work through your requirements.  

Please note, we can facilitate your booking for the Cycle tracks and facilities at the centre. Should you require facilities within the Community Centre as part of your booking, beyond access to the toilets, please let us know and we will connect you with the team there. Whilst there is a sheltered area at the back of the building, booking some hall space within the Community Centre should be a consideration if you're booking a large group in the event of wet weather or should you want to debrief / present awards after your event. 

Booking Enquiry Form
Choose a time

Thanks! We will contact you within 2 business days regarding your enquiry.

Tracks overview

We have tracks to suit all cycling styles at the Cottonmill Community & Cycling Centre, whether you're looking for the challenge and thrill of the Pump Track or Dirt Jumps, or simply looking to build your skills, stamina and confidence on our Cyclocross or Leisure tracks. You use the tracks at your own risk and there are rules and codes of conduct, which are detailed on the track information page.

The tracks are free to use and open access most of the time, the exception being when one of the many organisations that use the tracks for group activities and events have booked them out. You can find out what is going on and how you can get involved by viewing the event calendar below. We conduct regular inspections of the tracks, and if we spot a problem, we will close the facility until such time as the problem can be fixed. The status of each track is shown below. 

Everyone active manage the Cottonmill Community Centre and cafe. They take care of all the indoor bookings for the centre, to get in touch with them click on the link to their site.


Pump Track

Built bv :

At 206 meters long, featuring rollers, tabletops and high sided berms, the pump track is designed to be used without pedalling - instead riders circulate using the technique of 'Pumping', from which this type of track gets its name.


Imagine dropping a ball onto a plank of wood which is angled down and away from you, the ball will bounce off forwards. If you then throw the ball downwards with extra force, it’ll shoot off forwards even faster.

Apply this principle to the bike - by forcing your weight down through the bike on the downslopes you’ll feel the bike kick forwards, and that’s basically ‘free’ speed. Make sure you are central on the bike so you can thrust down hard and maintain good control as it kicks forwards

Code of Conduct:


Wear a helmet

Before dropping in make sure it is safe to do so

Ride in the indicated direction

No stopping on track (pull off to the side)

Users are responsible for their own actions

Users under 12 should be accompanied by an adult

 Any damage to the track should be reported to the team at the Cycle Hub.


Dirt Jumps.jpg

Dirt Jumps


Featuring Tabletop lines as well as Gap jumps and Hipped Jumps. Each line heads in one direction, available on the signage at the trail head.


Each line has a varying degree of difficulty so riders should only attempt them if they have a suitable degree of jumping skill. Coaching will be availble, to establish your requirements email

Code of conduct:

Wear a helmet

Ride in the direction of travel indicated on the site map

Do not to be climb or walk on the jumps.

Any defects please report to The Cycle Hub.

These trails are maintained by the Volunteer dig crew of The Marlborough Club Trails. If you want to get involved, click the link and drop them a message.

Unauthorised digging is not allowed!


Cyclocross Track

Constructed in conjunction with Verulam Cycle Club.

With a mixture of permanent and temporary features, the cyclocross has course an infinite number of iterations as much of the course is 'pegged' out winding its way through and around the majority of the centre. Its great for winter training, improving both physical performance as well as bike handling.

Verulam Cycling club - Youth development programme run weekly Cyclocross sessions on a Saturday morning on the track, perfect to improve your youngsters bike skill and great fun too!

To get them involved they must be a member (For ONLY £5 a year) so head over to their website to sign up

Leisure track.jpg

Leisure Track

At 406 meters long, this Gravel path was funded by Tarmac, and winds its way through the field and around the football pitch. Perfect for a getting used to pedalling or just a leisurely cruise. If you've driven to the Cycle Hub to join one of our social rides starting at the centre, it's a perfect facility to warm up and check your bike is in good working order before the ride starts (if it's not, come and see us at the Cycle Hub!)

Basketball Game

Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA)

As the name suggests, the Multi-Use Games Area or 'MUGA' for short, has many uses. Mainly used for ball sports, the Cycle Hub use this area to train fledgling cyclists in our popular 'Learn 2 Ride' course, amongst others. 

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