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Hall Booking FAQs

  • Do you provide tables and chairs?
    We have a limited number of chairs and tables available on site. Please detail these requirements in your booking, we'll check that they're available (and not already booked out) and confirm.
  • Is WiFi available in the centre?
    Yes, Wifi is currently available via EveryActive Free Wifi. You'll be asked to agree to a terms of use on first sign-in and you'll get approximately 5 Mbits / sec bandwidth which is sufficient for streaming / video conferencing etc.
  • How many car parking spaces do you have?
    We have 33 car parking spaces and 3 disabled parking bays. There is a 2.1 meter height restriction at the entrance which, if you call 07960 742382 on arrival, we can remove temporarily to allow larger vehicles to access. We will be setting up EV charging facilities in the future, for now, non-EV vehicles can use the EV marked parking bays until the charging stations are put in. The car park serves the entire centre and its facilities; we cannot guarantee or reserve the car park or part thereof for those booking our halls.
  • Do you have TVs and projectors in the Community Centre?
    No, we don't have TVs and/or projectors currently installed. This may change in the future when funding permits.
  • Can we have a Barbeque BBQ at the centre
    Unfortunately at this time we can't allow Barbeques at the centre, if this changes we'll update this FAQ.
  • Do I have to be a member of Everyone Active to book?
    No. Anyone aged 18 or over is able to request a booking, you don't have to be a member of Everyone Active.
  • Can I have a Bouncy Castle for my party / event?
    The halls have a limited height clearance of approximately 3 meters (10 feet), owing to the suspended light fittings. If you're able to source a Bouncy Castle that fits within this height, we'll need you to ensure that a trained operative remains onsite and supervises the use of the Bouncy Castle whilst at the centre, and that they're able to provide relevant risk assessments and have public liability cover for the use of their equipment.
  • Can we have the Community Hall Hire rate?
    If your organisation or group meets the following criteria, which you'll need to demonstrate, you can have the Community Hall Hire rate. Definition of Community Group 1. The group/organisation should be not-for-profit and hold a constitution (formalised group) 2. Evidence that the proposed activities will meet the needs of the local community (Cottonmill & Sopwell) and are primarily taken up by the local community 3. The groups aims and activities support SADC (St Albans District Council) Equality, Diversity and Inclusion priorities 4. The group have financial systems in place that can be checked- i.e. balance sheet/accounts, bank account etc to prevent funding (through reduced fees) of fraudulent activity 5. Submission of copies of up-to-date safeguarding, health and safety, and equality policies and activity risk assessments 6. The group/organisation will provide data (anonymised) on activities and attendees to monitor take up by protected groups and support future targeting of provision
  • How can I book the Community Kitchen?
    The Community Kitchen has a serving hatch through to the Large Hall, and is available as an add-on to any booking that includes the Large Hall. Occassionally we can offer the Community Kitchen without Large Hall hire but we'll need to check that it's available for the time of your booking. There is a small hourly charge for using the Community Kitchen, which will be detailed in our quote in response to your enquiry.

If our information pages and FAQs don't answer your question(s) please make an enquiry and a member of our team will get back to you.

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